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25,00 €Prix

Product details:

1️⃣-We Choose 400g Roman cloth, which feels Strong and has a Moderate Thickness, which is more Comfortable whether you Wear it Alone or as an Inner Layer.


2️⃣-Contrasting Black and Fluorescent Green, the pattern is Embroidered with Chinese characters on the Front Chest, and Printed Cloth is pasted on the Back


3️⃣-The Oversize Design makes it Easy and Comfortable to wear.

  • Customers can enjoy the return and replacement within 7 days from the date of signing, but please ensure that the returned and replaced products are brand new without any stains and odor, no wear marks
    At the same time, the relevant accessories (such as tags, bags, gifts) complete
    If the receipt time is more than 7 days, or the returned products affect the secondary sales or parts, we have the right to refuse to apply for return or replacement.


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